About Us

We are Britny and Rob, living in Scotland and we are currently owned by our eleven wonderful Siberian Huskies.

We acquired our first one Skye by accident in 2005. She was like no dog we had ever encountered and it has been a long hard, sometimes frustrating, sometimes hilarious road in coming to terms with the whirlwind that is a Sibe.

We have been addicted ever since and in spite of saying we would only have one we decided to take on our second one Kayla in February 2008.

They certainly take over your life, first came showing, then the Land Rover so that they would be more comfortable and then the scooter and then a rig to allow them to run.

On 20 December 2009 we were joined by our 3rd husky Talia and shortly after In February 2010 Stormy our first boy joined us through SSHC Welfare. Sadly Stormy's time with us was cut short when he died suddenly.

Not long after we were given the opportunity again through SSHC Welfare to take on another lovely bitch Ishtar.

Soon after that Juno was looking for a home and then in May this year Kayla's older half sister Rhea joined us.

2012 has seen our first homebred litter adding to our pack. We spend very little money on ourselves now everything seems to go on something connected with the dogs. 

2014 we decided we would like another, our original plans led to disappointment but at the end of the year along came Sansa.   

If you are looking for a husky please consider giving one of the many dogs in welfare or returned to their breeders a chance, there are many wonderful dogs in need of a home through no fault of their own. 


2014 saw me taking showing more seriously and having a great year with Caiden. Our racing season hasn't gone to plan due to a late start and Rob's job making planning difficult. We are also going to Alaska to watch the Iditarod so will miss the last month of the season. 

2013 saw the pups first rally season and the decision to  retire Kayla from showing and that this would be her last season running on a fast team. 

2012. Revolved mostly around looking after our litter of pups. 

2011 has so far seen me complete my first rally season and Rob his second. Our pack has increased to six with the addition of Juno in January and Rhea at the end of May. 

 Well 2010 was an eventful year, we increased our pack from two to four. We did our first year of serious showing and Rob and Kayla ventured into the world of racing. We are really proud of how well our dogs did over the course of that year and also how well they have integrated and matured as a pack. It was a rollercoaster of a year emotionally but we look forward to 2011 and can't wait to see how life goes with our little pack.

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